The moments leading up to your event…

Many couples choose to chronicle their wedding day starting with “Getting Ready Photos”. If you choose this option our photographer will meet you in your hotel room and take some truly beautiful shots of the bride only, or the bride & groom getting ready for their wedding ceremony.

For booked brides:

With a little forethought you’ll get great pictures. Here is a guide of what we normally focus on… Important photographic moments during the “getting ready” photography session are the bride’s dress hanging on a pretty hanger, the wedding rings, shoes, hand-written vows on pretty paper, bride putting the dress on, bride with bridesmaids, groom putting tie/shirt on, and groom with groomsmen. If you have additional personal items you would like to include please have them handy.


Getting Ready – Bride only: $595

Getting Ready – Bride & Groom: $795


Getting Ready – Bride only: $595

Getting Ready – Bride & Groom: $795

To complete the memory of your destination wedding we recommend you purchase the “Getting Ready” photos.

Getting Ready of The Bride & Groom is our recommendation, but photographing both the bride & groom getting ready only works if the couple have separate rooms (at least for the night before the wedding), or share the room and don’t care about the tradition of the groom not being able to see the bride before the wedding. 

If the couple is sharing the hotel room and the groom plans to get dressed elsewhere so he won’t see the bride, we recommend just booking “Getting Ready” for the Bride only.

Getting Ready Tips:

  • Have your hotel room(s) tidy. Any clothes & clutter you have lying around will show in the photos or video.

  • Champagne or Mimosas in pretty glassware make for classy props & photos.

  • Have your Rings at the ready as we’ll be taking close-up shots on them.

  • If you’ve written your own Vows, make sure they are hand written on pretty paper as that alongside your rings will make for a great picture.

  • If a mother or bridesmaid is helping the bride into her dress, make sure they are nicely dressed in their wedding attire (not in t-shirt and shorts for example).

  • Putting on some mascara & lipstick in front of the mirror also makes for a great Gettin Ready photo. Have those items at the ready too.

  • Bring a nice hanger for your wedding dress. Most hotels will have plastic hangers which do not look classy in pictures.

  • For the groom, cufflinks, tie, a beautiful watch, and a nice pair of shoes will make for great Getting Ready detail shots.

  • Dress the groom for the occasion. Yes, you’re in Hawaii and it gets hot, but your wedding photos will look so much better if the groom is in a nice suit (rather than shorts and a Hawaiian shirt for example).

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