Destination Wedding unfolds

How will your Kauai Destination Wedding unfold?

Here’s short step by step guide…and timeline:

  1. Get up and have a good breakfast.

  2. Get ready for your hair appointment either in your hotel or at the salon: Get your hair and make-up done.

  3. Have some lunch and relax. Don’t stress, this is supposed to be fun!

  4. Get dressed…both of you.

  5. Drive out to the beach to meet us.

  6. Meet your minister/photographer team, and your onsite wedding coordinator if you have ordered one, or your package includes one.

  7. If you have an onsite coordinator she will guide your group and set everyone up on the beach.

  8. The bride walks onto the beach and the ceremony begins…

  9. Ceremony starts, and lasts about 5 – 20 minutes, depending on your chosen vows.

  10. After your ceremony we’ll do your group photography first, if you have family & friends with you.

  11. If you have an on-site coordinator she’ll help gather the right people for the required photographs.

  12. Once the group photos are done, we’ll release the group concentrating on the bride and groom and taking romantic shots of just the couple.

  13. Your planned event with us is limited by the 2 hour beach use permit, so expect to spend up to 2 hours at the beach (depending on your chosen package).

  14. After your photography is finished you are free to head to your chosen dinner venue and enjoy the rest of your day…

  15. If you’ve booked a Luau through us for your wedding dinner, so we can make sure to time everything perfectly to get you to your Luau on time…

  16. Enjoy, have Fun creating Memories!

Your whole event at the beach should take about 2 hours (or less, depending on your chosen package).

Photography will start with your ceremony, and following this are either group photography, or romantic set up shots of the couple. The same is true for videography. Our team of photographer & videographer work in tandem to capture your lifelong memories.

If you have booked a musician, he/she will play either the ukulele or guitar, and sing and serenade you during your ceremony, typically announcing your wedding with the traditional Hawaiian Wedding song. We’ll normally release the musician after your ceremony as we’ll focus on your photography and/or videography.