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All wedding packages can be customized to your needs by adding any services we offer. This could be Hair & Make-up services, a Hawaiian musician, a video, or additional flowers. You can easily add those items or services using your Personal Online Wedding Planner, or call our office at 

Normal turnaround time for your photography is 7-10 working days. If you need your pictures sooner we offer RUSH photo processing at a fee. 5 Day photo processing can be added for $250, or 3 Day turnaround for $350. Call us if you need your pictures quicker. 

Our experienced wedding photographers use all professional Nikon FX cameras and lenses, and photos will be delivered in digital .jpg format. All photos will be in high resolution and you can print beautiful enlargements from the files.


We deliver all images by digital download, though we also offer delivery by USB stick for an additional fee.

This depends on yor chosen wedding package. Most packages include delivery by digital download, though you can also purchase an SD card of all of your unedited images , which we’ll give you right after your wedding. We have many photo options…ask our office staff at

Normal turnaround time for your web stream is 24 hours, or 8-10 weeks for your fully edited wedding video. You will recieve an email notifying you that your web stream is up online and ready for viewing. If you’ve ordered a DVD copy of your web stream it will be mailed to you. If you need your full wedding video sooner than 8-10 weeks we offer RUSH processing at a fee. 14 Day turnaround can be added for $299. Call us if you need your video quicker. 

It’s going to be sunny, with occasional showers – Every Day.

The weather in Kauai is incredibly consistent most of the time, and that’s because we’re a little island surrounded by 2,700 miles of ocean in any direction, that keeps us temperate. The trade winds that blow across the Tropic of Cancer keep us cool and our average daily temperature of 82°F keeps us warm.

You’ll be grateful for the trade winds cooling breeze as you stand in the sun during the 20 minutes of ceremony and hour of photography, it will keep you cooler. But if your hair is longer you will have to think of ways to control it to avoid looking like “Wolf Girl” (Wolf guy as well, if that fits). Many Brides visit a hairdresser and have their hair put up with white flowers inlaid. Others pin their hair back or choose a Haku lei which tends to control longer hair you you don’t want to wear your hair up. Others still will use a Cymbidium Orchid hairpiece to control one side and pin back the other.

And remember, don’t pack too many clothes, most people get by with shorts and tops because it’s so beautiful and casual here. A lot of people arrive with three suitcases and go home with two that they haven’t opened.

Our team of minister & photographer will meet you at the beach, or other chosen venue. Your event will start with your wedding ceremony followed by photography and/or videography if you have ordered a video. If you have family & friends with you we’ll normally do your group pictures first, followed by romantic shots of the bride & groom. Depending on your chosen package your wedding should either take about 1 hour, or up to 2 hours maximum. For more information check out our dedicated “Your Event Unfolds” page for more details.

The wedding ceremony’s duration will be between 10-20 minutes depending on the type of ceremony you’ve chosen. After your wedding ceremony we’ll start taking your group photos (if you have an entourage), and then continue with your formal wedding photos. Depending on your chosen wedding package expect to be either 30 minutes, 1 hour, or up to 2 hours on the beach in total.

Ninety One Miles of beaches. How do we choose?

Yes, there are ninety one miles of beautiful beaches in Kauai, not all of them are easily accessible, nor desirable for a wedding. What most people want is a deserted beach that’s wide and sunny with small waves and great colors. So where do we find these beaches?

Well first you should know that there are some beaches that we can’t get to or that are prohibited from use for Weddings. Many beaches have Hawaiian ancestors buried close to the beach, and for obvious reasons these beaches are sacrosanct. Other beaches can only be approached by hiking some distance, maybe down cliffs or through undergrowth, neither of which is advisable in a Wedding Dress and, or high heels. Still other beaches belong to County jurisdiction and cannot be permitted for any kind of commercial events.

The same is true for waterfalls and cliffs both of which involve some hiking and may not be able to be permitted. We’ve taken great lengths to choose the locations which we feel work best depending upon the number of people in the wedding party, their accommodation location, the time of the year, the weather, and the ease of permitting.

Our favorite wedding locations are Shipwreck’s Beach on the South Shore, and Hanalei Bay on the North Shore because they offer a variety of different props and scenic back drops.

Most wedding planners will meet with you upon your arrival to Kauai to go over all the details for your big day if you request so. If you are planning a wedding where you’ll have a group of people attend, a few bride’s maids, groom’s men, large flower order and reception venue to go over, it’s a good idea. We also offer a rehearsal service for larger groups at an additional cost.

However, if your wedding is small or even just the two of you, it may not be necessary. Most couples will just meet the minister & photographer at the beach at the specified time of your wedding.

Once you have booked with Kauai Island Weddings we’ll send you a link to create your personal online wedding planner. This is a wonderful tool to keep track of all your wedding related tasks and allows you to make changes on the go, as it’s mobile friendly.
This Online Planner will create a unique URL just for you, and any time you’ll make a change, it’ll send YOU and US an email so we can update your details. Should you have misplaced or forgotten your Personal Online Planner URL, please email and we’ll send you an email with your unique link.