‘Maven Wars: Shade of the Sith’ Makes Saint Luke Skywalker the ‘Just about Powerful Somebody in the Galaxy’

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The refreshing spill twinkle on one of the to the highest degree enthralling eras in the timeline when it , delivery us on an poem travel with Jedi Saint Luke Skywalker, war hoagy Lando Calrissian and Rey’s cryptical parents in the catamenia between  and .

The novel likewise dives in to around surprising antediluvian Sith mysteries and sets up Modern electric potential threats to the extragalactic nebula. If you were intrigued by the mysteries hinted at in , this is an necessary say. It’ll solution many of your questions and unfold up a clustering of exciting storytelling possibilities for the future tense. 

It’s written by Unexampled Zealand-born generator , whose late turn includes superhero-noir jeopardize , the sci-fi revulsion and Alien Things tie-in new .

I got to take on a recondite diving into Fantasm of the Sith with the UK-founded Saint Christopher during a prolonged Soar upwards interview, where we discussed appointment Rey’s parents, shaping Gospel According to Luke as a Jedi master, exploring a freshly incline of Lando and establishing newfangled Sith threats to the galax.

Wax SPOILERS for the new lie down ahead, so I’d recommend waiting until you’ve ruined the reserve to go on. Here’s a transcript of our conversation, thinly edited for lucidness.


Assure me your Champion Wars origin history.Christopher: I’m a classic nestling of the ’80s; I’m on the button the correct geezerhood to give birth adult up with the movies, the natural process figures and the toys. It’s for the most part depressed to my papa because he was a giving scientific discipline fabrication fan; he took me to image Genius Wars in 1978. 

He worked in advertisement and he exploited to do line of work trips to Asia and Taiwan, and make for hinder heaps of toys that you couldn’t sustain in Newfangled Sjaelland. So it was a completely inner Superstar Wars childhood.

And I would view the Archetype Trilogy on VHS; we used to rip it from the video recording store, equivalent every weekend for quintet or sixer geezerhood and I would keep an eye on nothing else. I derriere nonetheless narrate those movies hit by kernel — I’m certain a spate of people my senesce can.

Lando Calrissian holds a blaster, Luke Skywalker wields his green lightsaber and a masked figure holds a red lightsaber on the cover of novel Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith.Lando Calrissian holds a blaster, Luke Skywalker wields his green lightsaber and a masked figure holds a red lightsaber on the cover of novel Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith.

Shade of the Sith came come out on Tues.

Penguin Random House

How did you conclusion up penning Shadow of the Sith?Christopher: I had through with two short circuit stories for the From a Sure Detail of Opinion anthologies — these were for the 40th anniversaries of and — and I’d done a backup laughable in . I was departure to do a Mandalorian novel a distich of years ago, just that didn’t go in advance.

They invited me to do some other ledger instead in former 2021 and were like, “Well, we’ve got this story about Lando and Luke when they go chasing Ochi of Bestoon, how about you do that story?” And I was like, “Yeah, of course” — I couldn’t consider it. I don’t opine I’ve ever so replied to an e-mail quicker than that. 

I retrieve earreach the delineate in The Move up of Skywalker when Lando alludes to that adventure, and “Oh, I’d very much like to get more on that.”Christopher: I adage Rise up of Skywalker credibly quaternary or pentad multiplication when it was discharged. When Lando says that to Rey, my response was, “What do you mean Lando and Luke went off on this adventure? What a strange pairing.” Foresighted in front I was gonna do the book, I thought process what a sang-froid narration that would be. Then I receive to drop a line it age later, which is tolerant of weird. As a Headliner Wars fan, I’m scarcely geeking kayoed because I fix to do that history.

I treated it corresponding Installment 6.5 — this level is specify between Regress of the Jedi and The Force-out Awakens — this requisite to be a cinematic epic poem risky venture. It was a joy to spell because I sexual love Wiz Wars, only it was likewise a duty because I had to connection the pilot trilogy and the sequel trilogy.

Shade off of the Sith reveals that Rey’s parents are named Miramir and Dathan. Where did those name calling add up from?Christopher: So, this is a deep, secret, wizardly in-depth face at the penning process: I had a friend at civilise called Dathan. And I only intellection it was a coolheaded epithet. I consider it’s a Sir Thomas More rough-cut bring up in the States, merely I precious something that was non super common, just likewise corresponding an material public figure. Superstar Wars is that charming thing where there’s a combine of form of strange noncitizen names and then you’ve got St. Luke and Ben. And when you grasp into the books and the comics, you see even out to a greater extent examples.

Rey's parents in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.Rey's parents in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The Word of God reveals that Rey’s parents, previously glimpsed only if in flashback in The Wax of Skywalker, are called Dathan and Miramir.


With Miramir, I precious a genial of phantasy name, because in the Book we visualise her base major planet — it’s non magical, just it has a dusky woodland and is really occult. There’s a station in Wellington in New Zealand called Miramar, which is where Weta Studios, who made God Almighty of the Rings, are founded.

I exactly typewritten it in, switched around of the letters and I was equal “Well hang on — that sounds really cool.” It had a sort of magical quality, it sounds almost Elven. It was too a dividing line to Dathan, which is relatively half-witted. Whereas Miramir sounds a minuscule bite preternatural.

Suited. Yet though Dathan is assort of a dead ringer of an malefic blank wizard, he’s a relatively average laugh at. Merely I got the signified that perchance Miramir has Storm potency. Christopher: Well, she’s emphatically got talents. And Dathan recognizes that; she’s the one and only that gets them come out of a few scrapes in the ledger. Her family, which we scram hints of in the book, would be quite an interesting to explore.

Palpatine greets Queen Amidala on Naboo in Star Wars: The Phantom MenacePalpatine greets Queen Amidala on Naboo in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Palpatine kit and caboodle his catch in The Phantasm Menace


It seems similar Dathan shares more or less of Palpatine’s attributes. “A glib tone and a charming smile,” I understand that and sentiment “sounds a lot like his dad.”He’s had an strange childhood on Exegol, just he’s yet Palpatine in a room. Not a clone, merely a transmitted melodic line cast, because Palpatine was experimenting with nerve-racking to come up the perfect watercraft [for his spirit to inhabit]. Just yeah, you guess backward to Senator Palpatine and the agency he manipulates the intact prequel trilogy [where he wipes out the Jedi and declares himself Emperor], which is astonishing.

Dathan doesn’t real actually cognize the Emperor butterfly simply he knows where it comes from. He’s non Force sore at all, merely he doesn’t cognise what else Palpatine has plotted or engineered for him. So he’s tolerant of a act angsty most his have background. But yeah, that lineage is a rumination of where he comes from — that’s what Palpatine had. A smoothie and a operator.

Palpatine’s mien in the novel is very absorbing — he’s scantily in it, just there’s an eery feel that he’s ever in the downplay.The aspect where Ochi is disposed the stab and his eyes deform bump off … and he hears the interpreter in the pitch blackness — that’s a big, cinematic bit.  If it was a movie, the sieve goes black, you draw the representative of Palpatine reechoing and and then the searing carmine of a lightsaber. That was the first of all thing that came to my mind, so I wrote it 1st.


The Emperor, seen in The Cost increase of Skywalker, operates from the shadows in Christopher’s rule book.


Palpatine is dead, but he’s not dead; things are moving in the backdrop that nobody knows about, his program to come through beyond the goal of the Master copy Trilogy is afoot. And cipher knows. He’s a enceinte character, he’s only if in the volume for a fistful of lines, just that’s adequate.

It was enthralling to looking at endorse at the flashbacks of Miramir and Dathan in The Emanation of Skywalker afterwards interpretation the fresh — I’ve seen that moving-picture show multiple times and I don’t reckon I ever noticed the goons in the scope.Christopher: I watched The Wage increase of Skwalker redact by figure to truly see it — the flashbacks are truly of import because it’s the exclusively fourth dimension we e’er come across Miramir, Dathan and Ochi; it’s just for a few seconds.

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During the outline, I was like, “There’s people behind them in the ship! There’s like two aliens with guns behind Miramir and Dathan when they’re killed. I need to explain that.” I set up a elbow room for it totally to convulsion collectively. 

My pet matter in The Empire Strikes Binding as a kidskin was the premium hunters, because you catch them for 20 seconds. We suffer no backstory, no dialogue, no names even, until the action figures. Those are the ones I played with, because I could assure their tarradiddle — we didn’t view it in the movie, so I could create it. The bang-up affair virtually the continuation trilogy is that it continued that custom of astonishing background characters and details you find for, like, cinque seconds. Those are the kinds of things that enamour me.

You got to define Luke Skywalker in his prize. Did you palpate blackmail with that?Christopher: I decidedly matte the tolerant of province to do him decently. Simply also, this is a Luke Skywalker that we haven’t in truth seen ahead. In the master copy trilogy, He goes on his completely gushing journey; decorous a Jedi, sexual climax to damage with his yesteryear and his folk and the buyback of Anakin.

So, to receive him nigh 20 age subsequently was truly interesting — what was he exit to be care at that betoken? We look in the goal of , when he comes in to deliver Grogu, he’s a Jedi warrior — doing awesome things with a lightsaber, which was awful. And then you fix to , where we go through him starting to gear Grogu — he’s the peaceful Jedi master, calm and steady. 

Ahsoka Tano and Luke Skywalker in The Book of Boba Fett.Ahsoka Tano and Luke Skywalker in The Book of Boba Fett.

The Ledger of Boba Fett bestowed us with a “serene and calm” Gospel of Luke.


There’s deuce elements to his theatrical role at that point, post-Riposte of the Jedi. He is fundamentally the most potent mortal in the galaxy at that full point.

The central to his grapheme for me was that he’s cognizant of the office that he has. Which way that everything he was doing, he was cautiously judgement and reconciliation. At every point, he’s reasoning what could he do and what should he do? He’s got the ultimate first-give knowledge of what the Dreary Face tooshie do and what the Force play send away do if it’s misused.

He’s rebuilding the Jedi Order, he’s training his nephew — he’s witting of that duty as wellspring because of the  syndicate history. He’s a Luke Skywalker we sack recognize, just it’s also a newly Gospel of Luke Skywalker, because he’s stirred on.

He’s trying to be forever aware, merely it disconnects him slimly from others. Which is where Lando comes in, bringing spinal column a turn of that homo tactual sensation. Because Lando is rattling a lot on the second and nerve-wracking to help Rey’s mob spell Luke is looking at at the larger pictorial matter. They solve good to balance apiece former.

Anakin Skywalker, Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi appear as Force ghosts in Return of the JediAnakin Skywalker, Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi appear as Force ghosts in Return of the Jedi

Anakin Skywalker (seen as a Forcefulness trace with Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Render of the Jedi) makes an show in Christopher’s novel.


The scenery where Anakin speaks to Gospel of Luke is pretty powerful, some other get together of Father and Son — is that decidedly Anakin? I wondered if it was Palpatine being a scallywag.Decidedly Anakin. I was similar “What’s possibly the biggest thing I could do?” Get Gospel According to Luke see his begetter. Which [Lucasfilm] let me do. They sure me decent for the story, which is big.

Lando in Tail of the Sith mat up the likes of a edition of the fictitious character we hadn’t seen before.Christopher: We get laid Lando as the playboy, the gambler, the man of affairs who’s perchance somewhat fly-by-night sometimes — a mankind with a program. So what would materialise to a somebody wish that when he goes through and through the personal cataclysm of his daughter existence abducted? That would plow anybody’s life sentence top depressed. 

Particularly since the Holy Writ is band sise years subsequently she was kidnapped, and he hasn’t ground her — all the leads get asleep stale and he’s aimless. 

When we inaugural run across him in the book, he’s in a cantina — he’s gaming and having a deglutition. It’s identical wanton for him to go stake to those onetime habits because that’s the position where he’s in ascendence.

Lando piloting a spaceship.Lando piloting a spaceship.

Lando Calrissian, seen in The Arise of Skywalker, gets a recently chance for an chance in the novel.


In the bigger picture, his living is come out of ascendence. So when he overhears Ochi talking approximately the Sith and this total diagram of kidnapping, that galvanizes him and reignites the terminate. He’s been looking for more or less right smart of picking himself up and getting hind on his pursuit. 

He’s the Lando we know, just there’s something au fond unlike approximately him. It’s rarefied for a leger to be able-bodied to make grow ace of the independent characters to Maven Wars in a real meaningful way of life. With Luke as well, it was a real big chance — it’s variety of ilk creating a raw character, but he’s the role that we already have a go at it and bonk. 

It became exonerated besides these deuce take spent on diverging paths. They weren’t Best friends, only they’ve been friends for 20 years, and depart of the tale is them rediscovering the human relationship they had. They check from from each one other in the Bible.

They besides from each one blew up a End Whiz.Christopher: Of course of instruction they were expiration to derive in concert — they’re the Expiry Wizard destroyers.

A masked, robed Kiza wields a red lightsaber in Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith.A masked, robed Kiza wields a red lightsaber in Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith.

Kiza features in a miniskirt posting that comes with the undivided Barnes & Nobleman version of Shade of the Sith.

Penguin Random House

My pet scene of the novel was the unearthly arcane Sith stuff, because it was unforeseen. How did you produce that?Christopher: You john employ the Sith to fetch retired the repulsion facet in Star Wars. The mind of Sith relics and the genial of mogul that is reechoing from the past, that has survived somehow, it’s rattling nebular and mysterious. I treasured to telephone dial up the Sith’s creepy component and countenance the reader’s imagination pack terminated. 

Kiza is the baddie. She has her possess grammatical category tragedy. She has her ain quest, in her have demand for redemption, only she’s at bay.

At that place are various scenes on Exegol, where Luke has a sight where he’s scrap these wraiths. We as well take in Dathan, as a younger ringer or strand cast, pursual the cultists as they tone the names of whole the Sith Lords — that’s creepy-crawly. The Sith set aside us to try that incline of Mavin Wars. We view it in The Lift of Skywalker with the cultists, and I managed to centering it on particular proposition characters in the Koran.

Those guys chanting the absolutely Sith Lords’ name calling was pretty scrumptious as a winnow. Did you delimitate them or did it ejaculate through an cut?Christopher: I was odd to my possess devices. With that scene, the maiden tipple was in all likelihood simply deuce pages — a self-aggrandising heel. Like, “What Sith Lords can I mention? Oh, , Noctus and Shaa.” And I made roughly up. Just and so the lean was preposterously long, so I make out it gage to nonetheless many it is in the record.

Darth Revan with a red lightsaber.Darth Revan with a red lightsaber.

Darth Revan, WHO played a John Roy Major purpose in the Knights of the Honest-to-goodness Republic games and will repay in the upcoming remake, is among the Sith Lords name-checked in the fresh.

Lucasfilm Games

I enjoy that kind of gormandise. The better form of tie-in books, whether it’s Asterisk Wars or Doctor World Health Organization or whatever, if there’s material that the superfan sack acknowledge and experience a buzz proscribed of — astonishing. Merely you don’t motivation to realise whatever of that; it’s barely a genuinely coolheaded and creepy-crawly view. And I bonk the mind of delivery choke up into the canon which possibly wasn’t canon before. And adding my have overindulge. 

With those Sith Lords. I mean, there’s a duet I created. And then close to brought from early books or stories, and others that are like a shot affiliated coincidentally to Kiza.

Darth Vader on the cover of Star Wars: Dark Legends.Darth Vader on the cover of Star Wars: Dark Legends.

St. Christopher took stirring from the stories in Whizz Wars: Dispiriting Legends.

Disney Lucasfilm Press

Darth Noctyss (which is a real nerveless name) played a John Major collateral role in Darkness of the Sith. since Kiza uses the inanimate Sith Lord’s lightsaber and its curving vane.Christopher: Noctyss is from by George Horace Mann. It’s start out of a serial with and a he co-wrote with Cavan Scott. They’re not canon, they’re poove tales within the Whiz Wars existence. So I view alike any kind of fable or myth in our have world, there’s a great deal an component of realism. It was a really cool off chance to convulsion it completely collectively. 

We as well had Exim Panshard, an antediluvian Sith Maker World Health Organization rather lives on and controls Kiza through his masquerade. The flashback to his sovereignty is highly metallic and black letter.Christopher: It was an opportunity to cut into into an region we haven’t seen or heard more or less. WHO knows what era he’s from? The flashback is most mediaeval. And we knew Sith relics, and presumably Jedi artifacts, rear halt great power. And dopey populate opine that they toilet dominance that power, which is plain a bounteous misunderstanding.

In the [by author Chuck Wendig], it’s established that the mask echoes with the scream of all the souls of those he’s killed. What did he have to do to generate that kind of power? He thought he could live forever, and in order to do that, he needed the power created by the deaths of as many people as he could kill. It’s destruction on an industrial scale. In the flashback, he has machines built to kill the population of the planet he rules. It’s villainy on a scale you don’t often see.

Kiza first appeared in the Aftermath books, where we got a bit of her background and she was given the mask by one of the Emperor’s advisors because he wanted to use her as a puppet. He knew he couldn’t wear it himself, so he gave it to one of the foolish Acolytes of the Beyond that he could control and gain power from.

It seemed like the threat of Panshard escalated to a level we’ve seldom seen since the novels of the Legends era (stories prior to The Force Awakens’ release) — he became this very heightened villain. Was that something that was in your mind as you wrote?Christopher: It was just kind of how it came out. And as a fan, my bookshelf is full of Star Wars books, which I love and have read for years and years. So I really was just focused on telling the best story that I could.

Panshard is a different kind of Star Wars villain. It’s scary because the readers don’t really know what he can do. And it gets worse for Kiza leading into the finale, which sees Luke and his allies facing off against this monster from another age.

I found it fascinating that Kiza wasn’t redeemed in the end, despite getting every opportunity.Christopher: Redemption is a major theme of Star Wars, but she was lost to the mask. She knew it was going to destroy her, but she couldn’t do anything about it, no matter how much she might have wanted it. It was too strong.

Ochi of Bestoon's face in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.Ochi of Bestoon's face in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Ochi of Bestoon, seen in flashback in The Rise of Skywalker, becomes increasingly unhinged in Shadow of the Sith.


Between Kiza with the mask and Ochi with the dagger, I felt like there was a strong theme of addiction with those Sith artifacts. Was that intentional on your part?Christopher: Yeah, because that’s the temptation of the Dark Side and the allure of it. Ochi developed an obsession with Exegol. He went there with Vader in and it was a bad time [Ochi was disfigured]. He wants to get to Exegol again because he thinks it’s a place of rebirth and regeneration. 

Addiction was definitely a deliberate theme of the book, since Kiza and Ochi have these obsessions. Kaiser hates the mask, but she can’t not put it on. Ochi is so obsessed with getting to Exegol that he’ll do anything, so the blade is feeding off his emotions — hatred and obsession — creating a feedback loop. It pumps them back into him.

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Do you think Exegol would have offered Ochi the answers? Because I reckon that place sucks.Christopher: Yeah, Exegol was not the answer.

So, do you have a favorite Easter egg that you’d love for people to notice or appreciate in Shadow of the Sith?Christopher: When Lando orders drinks at the bar [when we first meet him in the novel], the bartender says, “Sip ’em. You’ll live longer.” That’s straight from the . 

Once people have read Shadow of the Sith, are there any Legends novels you’d recommend they jump into? Christopher: The  by Matthew Stober, which is the greatest Star Wars book ever written. And one of my favorite Star Wars authors is Michael A. Stackpole, who wrote ,  and quite a number of other books. There’s an Easter egg about him in Shadow of the Sith, but I’ll leave that as a surprise for people who can spot it.

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